BUS381Chapter 6 comprehensions questions

Define big data and describe the technologies for managing and analyzing big data. Describe the components of a contemporary business intelligence infrastructure.

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Big data consists of data so big that it cannot be organized in traditional database charts with columns and rows, they are beyond the ability of the database management system. These big data are not normal data such as transactions, it consists of data allover the place such as tweets, emails, and web-traffic, all things that can’t be easily and neatly organized such as traditional data. The big data are also produced in large quantities and much more rapidly than traditional data, making it hard to keep track of. There are specific tools to analyze the big data as traditional databases will not work ,one of these tools are data warehouses.

A data warehouse is a database that stores only information, historical Hadoops. A Hadoop is open-source software framework that enables parallel processing for vast amounts of data across multiple computers. The Hadoop takes in all the data in and breaks it down into smaller portions across multiple computers where they are processed and combined then again into smaller data sets that are easier to analyze by the user. For example, if you’re looking up hotel rates in a popular city with many hotels, the data you are looking at is probably sent through a system like this to report to you what the best rates are.


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