Business Ethics Discussion 2

Inequality of income is greater in the United States than in other capitalist countries. What do you think explains this? Is there something unjust about extreme inequality?

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The United States is known for being “great” like we have the greatest income inequality of any capitalist country. We also have the greatest population of incarcerated people than any other nation in the world. I tend to draw a parallel with these two facts because I find them to be quite similar in that there is a serious issue with how the impoverished is treated in the country. Currently we have a poverty rate of 12% or 43.1 million people (UC Davis, 2017). All of these people make under $10 an hour, work 40 or more hours a week, have little to no sick days, and can barely afford health insurance benefits. These workers will likely never get to retire as well ( On the other end of things, we have a little over 1 million people in the 1% bracket holding 20-40% of the countries income. The main blame for income inequality is the globalization of the rest of the world while the United States fails to keep up. Other places like China have cheaper labor forcing companies to either outsource or cut their workers short in order to compete with other rising countries like China and India.

Another large brunt of the blame needs to land on the government and lawmakers. They have made it extremely impossible for lower income people to live, support, and educate themselves. These people are forced to work long hours which lowers there quality of life in general. They can barely afford health care or healthy food which makes their life expectancy shorter. It is impossible to find a good job because education is outrageously expensive and even if someone does get a decent paying job, they start in a negative position due to school debt. There needs to be change and better wealth distribution because the lower wealth bracket cannot keep supporting rich CEO’s making $20Billion dollars a year while their workers are making $20,000.Now to bring it back to the prison system and why all of this is so unjust. There is a serious epidemic in this country right now and I fully believe it is due to income

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