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INFS6071 Project Management in Business Semester 1 2022 Individual assignment 1 Part 1 (24%) and Part 2 (6%) Due date: 11:59 pm 1 May 2022 General instructions There are two parts to the assignment. To undertake the assignment, students should do the following:

• The maximum length of the assignment is 2000 words comprising 1600 words for Part 1 and 400 words for Part 2.

• For further information, please refer to the business school policies:

• Final report submission: The report should be submitted on Turnitin by due date. Please include your SID on the front page of the submission. The link for the Turnitin submission can be found on Canvas in the Assessment section. You should name the submission file as follows: SID.doc, e.g. 123456.doc. Please note that you SHOULD NOT provide name (first name or family name) in the assignment document. This is required to ensure anonymous marking.

• You can only submit the assignment once! Part 1 (24 marks) Requirements Download and read the case study (pdf file) found at the following link: Then analyse the findings on the Biometric Identification Services Project from the perspective of the formal project management methodology, PMBOK. Based on your analysis, respond to the following questions:

1. Where and how there is evidence of such a methodology being applied and its contribution. Please provide your answer in the form of a table outlining the relevant PMBOK knowledge areas, evidence of application, and contribution. (6 marks)

2. Where and how such a methodology might have helped avoid or mitigate identified

problems. Please provide your answer in the form of a table outlining the relevant knowledge areas and PMBOK processes that could have been applied. Give concrete examples of what kind of tools and techniques could have been applied. (10 marks)

3. If there were problems that appear to be outside the scope of PMBOK, discuss these problems. Conduct your own research to provide ideas on how these problems could have been mitigated. (8 marks)

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