Campaigns Elections and Democratic Party

    November 5, 2022

Campaigns Elections

Campaigns Elections and Democratic Party Questions
question 1) What do we know about voter turnout? Who votes? Is voter turnout going up, going down or staying the same? What does rain have to do with elections?

Question 2) Why is the selection of a Vice Presidential candidate so important? What do you notice about this year’s Vice Presidential candidates?

question 3) What is the “permanent campaign?” Do you think that in the day of the internet it is possible to ever shift away from “the permanent campaign?” Why or why not?

Question 4) President Obama successfully used several new strategies during the general election campaign. These strategies included ways to reach more people and new ways to get campaign donations. What did he do that was so revolutionary and do you think future candidates will be able to match his results?

question 5) find a current news article, summarize it and provide both your opinions and a link to the article.

Question 6) In a 1-2 page essay, outline the history of voting restrictions in the United States and the ways in which we have countered those restrictions.

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