Capstone Deliverable


Neither this guide, nor any of the information and requirements contained herein, constitute a contract or create any contractual commitments between Capella University and any student, any prospective student, or any third party. The information and program requirements contained in the Capstone Manual are subject to change.

This Capstone Report Guide describes qualitative research approaches that may not be approved for all schools. Read your school’s “Acceptable Methods” document on iGuide to determine which approaches can be used in your school.

Purpose of this Document

This document presents detailed information about each of the Chapters required for a Capella capstone. Sections within each Chapter are also described. Each section in this document aligns with the Capstone Deliverable Guide and Templates. Carefully read the Chapter Guide so that you can be certain to provide the material that is necessary to successfully write each section of your capstone. The information in this document is a more general discussion for all capstones, regardless of the specific type of project: specific sections that are necessary are identified in the Capstone Deliverable Guide and Templates.

Consult with your mentor about adding headings that might be necessary to enhance the organizational structure of your capstone.

*Note: You are reporting a study that has already been conducted; therefore,

you need to write using past tense verbs. You cannot just copy from the doctoral project plan without changing the verb tense.






ABSTRACT The purpose of the abstract is to provide a concise and accurate synopsis of key elements of your capstone. Include the following information (suggested length: 400 words or less):

Research topic summary (1-5 sentences) Provide a concise summary of your capstone research topic. Explain the rationale for your study and the gap in the literature or field your capstone addresses. Indicate your research questions, matching the wording used in your capstone chapters.

Research methodology (1-2 sentences) Summarize the research methodology used in the study.

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