capstone nursing discussion

    October 10, 2022

Consider the following scenario:
With a clear conception of her Practicum Project goal and objectives, Sandra was optimistic that she was on the right track. Then she started to consider the methodology for her project and realized how much she still needed to figure out. She began to think about the theories and concepts she had examined in her program of study and how they might inform her methodology. The biggest challenge, she discovered, was in mapping the strategies that would help her achieve each objective. How would she decide what would be most effective? What barriers were likely to arise? She also realized that she needed to think about evaluation early in order to establish appropriate criteria and make sure she could assess the evidence related to the process, impact, and outcomes of her project. She wondered how she might use formative evaluation to develop and improve the project, as well as how she could use summative evaluation following the implementation of the project to determine if it had been successful.
Consider the models, theories, and concepts you have examined in your program of study as they relate to your project. Which of these can be applied to the development of methodology to help you achieve the project objectives? Which ones can be used to help you establish criteria and methods of evaluation for your project?
In this Discussion, you examine and propose the methodology for your Practicum Project, as well as evaluation methods. The insights you gain through this Discussion should be integrated into your Practicum Project Plan, which is due in Week 5.
To prepare:

Reflect on the Practicum Project goal and objectives you developed in Week 3.
Refer to the Practicum Project Plan (PPP) Overview document as needed for information related to the assignment.
Consider the models, theories, and concepts you have examined in your program of study as they relate to your project. How can this information be applied to the development of the methodology and evaluation for your project?
Review the information on methodology in the Learning Resources, and conduct additional research to facilitate your analysis for your project. Evaluate the who, what, how, where, and when associated with each objective: Who will make what change, by how much, where, and by when? Consider the methods you could use to meet each objective. Devise your methodology in as much detail as possible to identify how you could meet each objective. For example, identify which professional organizations or regulatory bodies you would consult (by viewing their websites or contacting them directly) to gather evidence.
Review the information on formative and summative evaluation in this week’s Learning Resources, and conduct additional research to facilitate your analysis for your project. How could you evaluate achievement of your Practicum Project objectives using formative and/or summative evaluation? Begin to develop an evaluation plan for your Practicum Project.

Post on or before Day 3 a brief summary of your Practicum Project focus, including the goal and objectives of your Practicum Project (to serve as a reminder for your colleagues). Explain your selected methodology, and justify your selection. Include a detailed explanation of how you could meet each objective using this methodology. Also explain your evaluation plan, noting at which points during your Practicum Project formative and/or summative evaluation will occur.
Amanda: This week’s discussion thread was really just focused on the rationale, goal and objectives for your project. You’re attachment here (as it was in the discussion thread) was really the entire proposal. I can’t make extensive comments on every student’s full proposal but I will make a couple comments. Use the headings I addressed in my announcement as your Level 1 headings. That will organize your proposal both for you (in terms of writing) and the reader. 
A couple comments. 
Your title page is not APA according to the school standard. You may know this already and maybe you’re just drafting with the intent of editing your grammar and APA later.
The header should match the title of your paper and the title page header needs to be correct. 
When you are editing grammar, read your paper out loud to determine appropriate wording, tense agreement etc. 
Your initial paragraph is your Introduction and should be identified as such. Your “current situation” can be included in your Introduction or it could go in a problem/ issue section. Just stick with the Level 1 headings I identified in my announcement.
If you are providing this as a draft of the entire proposal, there are two major gaps. First, the Evidence Based Literature Review which requires at least five references. Your reference list only has one article. I assume your “plan” is your methodology? Again, use the Level 1 headings I’ve provided in the announcement. The methodology asks you to address the who, what, where, when and how for EACH objective. This will be the focus of your discussion thread this week. 
Evaluation: you need to address formative and summative evaluation (which in terms of this Capstone is your presentation to your organization in week ten or so). 
I don’t see anything addressing the timeline. 
Amanda: these are just some quick observations. Again, I’m assuming you are giving me what you think is a draft of your proposal. Remember your APA. There are a number of errors in this draft but it might be that you’ll conduct your grammar/ APA screens later. 

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