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Case presentation

one page on the format of a comment responding to the classmates idea. Below you will find attached some of the class mates comments to respond and the presentations so you can base your explanations per groups

The purpose:

  1. Explanation
  2. constructive feedback on the work done by your classmates

substantive comment on a case presentation, or a substantive response to another comment by a classmate.


1.The first post of Student A in Group 1 is a substantive comment on the presentation of Group

2.The second post of Student A in Group 1 is a response to a comment made on Group 1’s presentation.

An Example of what would be “substantive”:

  • In your group’s presentation, you refer to ….. in the 8th slide. I am not sure if I can agree with it because…….
  • I enjoyed reading your post. While I broadly agree with your comments, I still believe that ……….

Example of what would NOT be “substantive”

  • I really liked your group’s presentation. You have done a wonderful job analyzing this case.
  • I agree with your post. You have made wonderful points.


Your discussion post grading will be as follows

Specific content in the presentation has been targeted

It is substantive

complete sentences, and are free of grammar and spelling errors

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