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cgd318 wk3 discussion2

After reading Chapter 7 and the information about pitch, either compose a one to two paragraph pitch letter, find a pitch letter via the Internet, or look at the case study pitch letter in the text. Assess how each of the elements of the pitch letter secures positive publicity for the organization. Discuss any suggestions or recommendations for improvement

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“The basic purpose of a pitch letter is to interest an editor or reporter in a possible story, interview, or event. Although pitch letter styles run the gamut, the best are direct and to the point while being catchy and evocative. Pitch letters, like sales letters, may contain elements that entice a reporter to attend an event or cover a story” (Seitel, F. P., 2015). Pitch letters should specify the value of the information being pitched as well as the recipient’s viewers. The challenge would be to the writer to show enough specifics to arouse any interest.

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