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chapter 4 Ideo case study solution

Why has IDEO been so successful? What is the most difficult challenge it faces in conducting its research and designing its products?

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IDEO has been so successful because it develops the most efficient plan forgathering the needed information when conducting market research. The “design thinking” approach that IDEO employs is primarily based on the customers and what they actively want. The company strives to design products that consumers actively want because they offer a superior experience and solve a problem. Through observational research, specifically ethnographic research, IDEO yields insights into consumer behavior [p. 101]. Behavioral mapping to assess and learn consumer’s attitudes within a certain area and also direct interaction with customers have also led to its success. One of its biggest challenges in conducting its research and designing its products will be with the customers. A large amount of success depends on the customers and interaction can certainly be a problem. In many cases they have to “dig deep” because they are trying to create consumer-friendly solutions and the consumers often don’t know what they want or what they need. Every process has its challenges but IDEO has built a fantastic research process that provides results.

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IDEO is one of the most successful design consultancy firms in the Unites States. Two key facts in which makes them so successful includes prototyping and design thinking. Prototyping allows the customer to test out and experience a product first. This not only makes the customer more comfortable buying a product and trusting IDEO but also helps give the firm better understanding of what works, what does not and how to improve the product [120]. Another reason for their success is “design thinking” and its main goal is to put the customer first. Their strategy for this is to design from the outside in and not the inside out. IDEO uses a method called “behavioral mapping” in order to gauge the consumers experience and learn new ways to improve [119].IDEO’s most difficult challenge it faces in conducting its research and designing

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