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CHFD 348 Week 7 Discussion

What are some of the family tasks that must be accomplished in response to a death in the family?

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Within any loss of a loved one comes a multitude of various tasks that need to be done after the loved one has died. Initially Calling a funeral director after your loved one has passed on, wo they can begin their part in preparing the body for the service, whether cremation or burial. Contacting close friends and family to inform them of the passing, and making burial arrangements, along with writing an obituary. These are just a few tasks that need to be done in the event of a loved one passing. Death is inevitable, and knowing when someone will pass, is not known. In some instances, we might have an idea when death might occur when dealing with end stage cancer patients or the extremely old.
When my grandmother passed away this past August, we knew that it was coming just because of her deterioration in health from the cancer.
She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the beginning of 2014, and she went through a course of various chemo treatments. It worked for some time, but it got to the point in the spring of 2015 that her quality of life was decreasing due the chemo treatments. She decided that she wanted to stop all treatment and life out the remaining of her life the best she could surround by family. In the remaining months she was alive, our family came together even more. Her children, started handling her affairs, making sure things were in place for when the time comes of her passing there would not be any question to what needs to be taken place. “The lingering trajectory of death is one in which the transition from

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