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CHFD348 Marriage and the Family

Think about your relationship with your family of origin in terms of Bowenian differentiation. How differentiated are you? Why?

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According to Bowen’s theory I would have to say that I have good differentiation of “self” and my husband holds a great differentiation for “self”. In our text it defines “differentiation by referring to one’s ability to separate physically from his or her family or origin in a manner that preserves emotional ties while not being constrained by them”(Walsh 2003). Within my family unit there is structure and individual identity. “The family differentiates and carries out its functions through subsystems formed by generation, sex, interest, or function (Walsh,2003). The primary subsystems comprising the family—the parental, marital, and sibling subsystems—all have tasks they must execute”(Anderson). In the family that I grew up in was in most times okay environment. Though

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