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CHFD348 Week 6 Forum 300 words

Research consistently shows that early parenthood is a time of reduced marital or couple satisfaction. What are some of the factors that contribute to this decline in marital or couple satisfaction?

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Ethical Standards entail principles and moral codes that guide behavior. Almost all professions are governed by a set of ethical standards. When it comes to research, ethical standards are important as they ensure the researcher can conduct their research in an appropriate manner while maintaining valuable relationships with members of the society. Ethical standards are important when dealing with vulnerable populations, for example, conducting research with young children. The key considerations include ensuring minimum harm to children and are beneficial for the welfare of the vulnerable group. Also, researchers are expected to ensure that the questions they ask are understandable to children. For example in a study concerning child development, the researchers had to devise questions that are clear and to ensure that the method selected to provide answers to those questions is accurate (McDevitt et al., 2012). The first ethical code is that the research being conducted must be important to the health and well-being of children.

For example, research concerning the effects of video games on child development. The aim of the research is to identify how video games affect the mental health of children. Considering the number of children engaging in gaming activities, the research information can play a detrimental role in exploring the impact of video games to the health and wellbeing of children. Researchers are expected to prioritize the welfare of children over their need for information (McDevitt et al., 2012). Therefore, the researcher should avoid instances that will result in negative outcomes such as children getting stressed, embarrassed or pain. During the research, the information obtained from the participants is confidential as children’s privacy should be preserved. Therefore, the researchers can only display information concerning trends concerning a group, or if the research involves individuals, then confidentiality can be practiced by using a fictitious name (McDevitt et al., 2012). Unlike adults, children’s consent alone is not enough to support the research. Therefore,

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