China’s economic

The paper should be 8-page long, standard margins, 12-point font, double spaced.


  • In the last half of the class we are exploring the rural/urban divide in China’s economic reforms.
  • Compare and contrast the ways in which rural migrants and urban residents seek to achieve their aspirations for class mobility.
  • How does each pursue a project of “self-development” and their desire to embody a modern subjectivity?
  • What are the structural aspects at work in creating the growing economic disparity between urban and rural residents.
  • Select specific ethnographic stories from the readings and films as a way of grounding your comparison. Make sure you distinguish between quoting and paraphrasing and cite your sources in each case. Citations can be simply the author’s name plus page number.
  • You should draw on all elements of the course: readings, lectures, and films.
  • No plagiarism!!!

I will upload readings, lectures, and movie links later. Be sure to focus on the prompt, show integration of the course materials as much as possible, and use only the materials I provided. Do no use any other outside sources.


Hi, this is the link for the readings, lectures, and movies. Be sure to read the document first, it list every class topics and related readings/movies. Thank you so much!…

I paste all the reading briefs i wrote, you can get some ideas about each readings. But it does not includes any specific ethnographic stories , so you need to find some specific exampes in the readings 🙂 Just try to refer these class materials as much as possible

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