CIS 359 Week 9 Discussion 1

“BCP versus DRP Revisited” Please respond to the following: Expanding on what you’ve learned since Week 2 when a similar question was posed, explain in your own words the difference between business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning, and where you believe these two processes differ and overlap. Take a position on whether BC or DR can survive without the other. Use a real-world example to support your position

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Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) is a far-reaching proclamation of moves to be made amid and after a disruptive occasion causing loss of accessibility of Information Systems. The crucial goal is to provide an alternate handling site and return to the primary location within a reasonable time frame whenever any disaster occurs. While the Business Continuity Plans (BCP) proposes a complete approach management for rebuilding of PC frameworks with all specialist programming and associations useful under an assortment of damaging or interfering external

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