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CIS329 week 4 discussion

“Network” Please respond to the following:

You have been assigned the task of writing your own analogy for the OSI Model. Propose the scenario you would use and why.

From the e-Activity, select a port number. Briefly recount the protocol or function related to it. Then, describe a scene or action that would invoke the use of the port you chose.

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An Iraqi General requests assistance from the US coalition forces. The information for assistance must get to the Multi National Division general for approval. This represents the application layer where the interface of communication begins. The request is then sent to the provincial reconstruction team(PRT) designed to encode and translate the Iraqi general’s needs into a language or format the US government can understand, relate, and respond to. This is the presentation layer that acts as a translator, performing the coding, compressing and encrypting of the data between the two parties. The PRT then delivers the request to the S2 who then checks the classification and content of the message to determine the security measures that are needed. Once the message is revealed as top secret the S2then puts a label on the message to identify to the US general that this message is to be kept all together and top secret. This is known as the session layer. The S2’s job is to coordinate the communication keeping it secure and monitoring the users who access to ensure only authorized people touch this message. The S2 then takes the message to the Brigade Commander of that providence where it is

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