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CIS333 Week 10 Discussion

Sharing what you learn is an important part of learning. It will help you solidify the things you have learned and will help others see things from your perspective.

Post your thoughts on the top three things you learned.

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During this week’s learning it was interesting to learn about the different levels and types of Encryptions like EFS, PGP, GPG and Bitlocker. Even though encryptions are used frequently I was surprised how they specifically play an important role in protecting private information, sensitive data and communication between client and servers with these functions they are a powerful tool in data security. Also learning the two types, Symmetric and asymmetric encryptions. With the symmetric algorithm both encryption and decryption keys are the same which must be used by both parties in order to enable secure communication. It’s the opposite for asymmetric, they comprise of two keys, Public and private that is used by both parties to encrypt and decrypt data. Simply the private key encrypts/decrypts while

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