CIS353 Week 3 Discussion

 The benefits that UML brings to companies are:
1.It provides a standard for software development.
2.It also leads to a reduction of costs to develop diagrams of UML using supporting tools.
3.Moreover, the development time is reduced.
4.It provides large visual elements to construct and easy to follow.
On the other hand, the OMG (Object Management Group) was formed in 1989 by a group of businesses to create a standard architecture for distributed objects, which is called components in networks. The design that resulted is the Common Object Request Broker Architecture(CORBA). A central element in CORBA is the Object Request Broker (ORB). An ORB presents the possibility for a client object to obtain a server request without knowing where in a network the server object or component is physically located and precisely what its interfaces are.
Several ways a company can benefit from both Uml and omg:
1. By simplifying the problem with the help of UML diagrams.

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