Civilizations and empires

Introduction Comment by Chris Martinez: You need an introduction to your study. Think of it as a background, current situation, or setting the table for your problem, purpose, and question you wan to explore Comment by Ronald Punzalan: Resolved

Terrorism has become a significant issue in the United States since the 2001 attack (Wright, 2016). Terrorism and religion have been connected for as long as human history can be traced. Civilizations and empires in ancient times are perfect examples of true extremist believers who have engaged in wars to defend, promote, and spread their faith. Rink and Sharma (2016) asserted that the contemporary era is witnessing escalating religious terrorism in its frequency, the scale of violence, and global reach. Indeed, previous studies show that religious radicalization is the genesis of violence justification (Rink & Sharma, 2016). The choice of target is influenced by existing and loose interpretations of religious doctrine or based on defending one’s religious group. Religious radicalization is globalized, unlike ethnic radicalization, and involves sophisticated networks, making it challenging to tackle the militia groups (Rink & Sharma, 2016). The United States is not immune to terrorism resulting from religious radicalization. Some authors have found a relationship between religious radicalization and individual-level psychological trauma related to social relations and process-oriented factors (Rink & Sharma, 2016). Comment by Chris Martinez: This is an improvement Comment by Ronald Punzalan: Resolved

A report published by the Center for Strategic and International studies indicated that out of the 893 terror incidents analyzed between 1994 and 2020, 15.6% were committed by religious terrorists (Jones, 2022). The same data showed that religious terrorism significantly increased from 2015 to 2019 (Jones, 2022). Religious terrorism also results in significant fatalities across the United States (Jones, 2022). Considering the recent growth and increase in the number of radicalized youths by their religions, it is necessary to conduct studies that will examine the causes of radicalization and why many people are embracing religious radicalization. Therefore, the research will focus on domestic terrorism with particular attention to religious radicalization, which supports extreme views, that prompt people to commit terrorist activities.

Statement of the Problem Comment by Chris Martinez: PROBLEM A problem statement is a broad overview of specific questions that will be addressed in a given area of research. It outlines the description of the issue(s), includes a vision, suggests the method(s) used to solve the problem Comment by Ronald Punzalan: Resolved

. The problem that will be investigated in this study is to explore how the government of the United States, in particular, can combat religious radicalization and eliminate domestic terrorism resulting from radicalization. Presently, the world is experiencing many domestic terrorism incidents connected to religious radicalization. However, governments have not implemented the right interventions and policies to curb religious radicalization, especially among the Muslim communities according to Rogers et al. (2007), radicalized people are likely to inflict terror on the masses and destroy national infrastructures as one way of achieving their terrorism goals. Domestic terrorism encompasses violence against the citizens or the national infrastructure. As the number of radicalized youths and people increases, domestic terrorism incidents are likely to increase. For this reason, the authorities have to devise ways to combat religious radicalization in America and worldwide (Smith, 2021). The problem is that many of the policies and interventions implemented in America are perceived to be discriminatory. For this reason, they are not effective in combating religious radicalization (Shapiro & Maras, 2018). Through the literature review and evaluation of data and recommendations from different government agencies, the current study will seek to solve the problem by providing advice that can be implemented to combat religious radicalization. This paper presents a research proposal on the perspectives of domestic terrorism through religious radicalization. Comment by Chris Martinez: This should be the first sentence and needs to be narrower. Comment by Ronald Punzalan: Resilved Comment by Chris Martinez: Says who? Cite this Did you look at the document I sent you on constructing a problem statement Comment by Chris Martinez: Ensure you address this assertions with a citation Comment by Chris Martinez: I will send you a document on constructing your problem statement



Purpose Statement

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