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CJ324 M2D2 Strain Theory

Which of the two theories – Chicago School of criminology and social disorganization or the Anomie and Strain Theory — do you feel better explains the cause of criminal behavior? Explain and support your choice by including citations and references in your post.

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While I certainly think the Chicago School of criminology and social disorganization theories took us away from the belief criminal behavior was somehow linked to a biological flaw in an individual, I think it fails to account for crime in other demographics. I think the Anomie and Strain Theory build on the observations of Park and Burgess in that the environment influences criminality, but adds a psychological aspect where the roadblocks to personal ambition presented by the environment drive individuals to commit crime in order to overcome what they see as non-ideal conditions (Lilly et al.,2019).Poverty is a compelling reason to commit crime to obtain something that is

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