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CJA 314 Week 1 Discussion Question 3

In what ways has federal and state funding influenced social policy? How does a lack of funding affect the research process?

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When crime is perceived to be rampant in a particular area the public demands action to decrease crime, reduce criminal activity, and improve safety. Funding increases allows the addition of law enforcement personnel, and equipment to combat crime, and is seen as a positive way to impact crime prevention. Additional funding for education, food stamps, and crime prevention in the local hot spots, can also impact crime. Here in central Washington state the biggest issue is the increased presence of gangs, and the related gang problems. Recently the people of a local city voted to increase the sales tax to fund seven additional police officers on the street, and establish a gang unit. Funding will also be used to combat the socialization of children into gangs in local schools, and build a new larger capacity jail(Schmalleger, 2012).Research costs money, and the lack of funding directly impacts research. One area of research that makes sense is tracking criminal activity locations using software. Law enforcement officers would then be assigned to the hot spots to monitor, and reduce crime. Adequate funding to maintain crime data bases is a vital part of community policing. Public access to this information can be used by people to determine where they what to live, or not want to live.

State and Federal funding can influence social policy. An example is over the years the United States have seen an enormous amount of illegal immigrants coming into our Country and also the drug trafficking problems from Mexico. Federal funding was increased to hire more Border Patrol Officers to protect our boarders and also try to reduce the amount of drugs coming into our Country. Funding will also be used to combat the socialization of children into gangs in local schools, and build a new larger capacity jail (Schmalleger, 2012). Gangs have become a major issue for many metropolitan areas. Agencies are doing everything

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