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CJA 314 Week 2 Discussion Question 3

What are some benefits of focusing crime prevention efforts on places instead of people? How does crime analysis relate to this practice?

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The benefit of focusing crime prevention efforts on places instead of people is that it is easier to protect places. Places are known commodity, and crime prevention techniques can be built in to protect the assets in place. For example cameras, motion detectors, security personnel, hardened locations such as vaults etc. The primary goal is to reduce the opportunity for a crime to be committed in a simple non-complex way through hardening the targets (Schmalleger,2012).People on the other hand are much more difficult to determine who, or who would not be a risk, and actually commit a particular crime. Since people that access an area may include: business staff, guests, patrons, maintenance personnel, and even security staff.

Deterrence through the use of postings, warnings, alarms, RFID chips, cameras, training, and adequate trusted management staff would be necessary to provide an adequate crime prevention program. Crime analysis would require a review of the physical location, type and number of assets, and the potential crimes that could be realistically committed. The goal would be to increase effort, increase risks, reduce rewards, reduce provocations, and remove excuses for criminals to commit crimes. This evaluation would then determine the best crime prevention measures to install in order to ensure crime prevention at the least amount of cost. It is important to evaluate the cost of crime prevention for example a high dollar video camera system monitored by security would not make sense and not be cost effective in a Produce Store filled with fruit. However this high dollar video system monitored by security personnel

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