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CJA 314 Week 3 Discussion Question 1

What general factors are identified as primary deficits of social structure theories? How would you evaluate theses deficits?

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The social structure is that the surroundings an/ or economics of an individual or a community is the root or cause for criminal behavior or deviance. This social structure is broke down into three categories: Social disorganization, cultural conflict, and strain theory. Social structure theory-under this theory when social associations within the community, churches, organizations, schools, or government institutions break down and the communal relationships do not exist; then the closeness or protectiveness or social responsibility towards one’s community is not there anymore and therefore the need to obey the laws and rules of the community aren’t there anymore and so criminals are born. Cultural conflict theory– in this theory the “dominant” culture rules the roost and the “inferior” cultures are left with the scraps of what the other culture does not want. Eventually the two will collide and usually the inferior culture will resort to crime and deviant behavior. Strain theory-this theory is based upon the fact that an individual does not access to adequate education or proper training and therefore the individual cannot succeed in life and thus turning to a life of crime to survive.

The general factors are identified as primary deficits of social structure theories. A theory that explains crime be reference to the economic and social arrangements in society (FrankSchmalleger, 2012). The theories which are explaining crime by reference to social structure are one of three sociological approaches to crime causation. Sociological theories examine both institutional arrangement within a social structure and social processes as they affect socialization and have an impact on social life (FrankSchmalleger, 2012). It is more individuals with psychological theories and this is called a macro focus, sociological approaches utilize a macro perspective, stressing the type of behavior which is basically is an exhibited by groups that is attempting to tell the behavior of certain individuals

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