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CJA 314 Week 4, Discussion 3

Which crime causation theory best explains organized crime, in your opinion? How
does the presence of large, organized criminal enterprises affect law enforcement
investigative efforts?

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When the words organized crime is mention, I believe a lot of people do think about the mafia
and La Cosa Nostra these two terms somewhat means organized crime groups of Sicilian
origin maybe something that most people will think of.
There have been the products of poverty, feudalism, traditional disregard for the law, and
national temperament that flourished in Italy for hundreds of years. Italian criminal
organizations that came to the United States with the wave of European immigrants during
the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s included the Black Hand and the Mafia (Frank
Schmalleger, 2012).
They became a quasi- police organization in the Italian hood the ghetto areas of the American
cities of the industrial era. The presence of large, organized criminal enterprises affect law
enforcement investigates in different parts of the world. Although New Jersey has made
Herculean efforts to keep organized crime from influencing casino operations in Atlantic City
(Frank Schmalleger, 2012), I believe was very hard considering they decided to turn to crime
in a different matter.
There are many other rackets besides gambling that organized crime is involved in. It is
basically organized crime has increased actively in the illegal copying and distribution of
copyrighted software, music and other recorded media.
Frank Schmalleger (2012) white- collar and organized crime retrieved from Criminology
Today 6e Ch11.pdf (secured) Adobe Reader

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