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CJA 314 Week 4 Discussion Question 2

To what extent are the typologies offered for serial killers useful for understanding these offenders and offenses? Why?

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1Thecommon thread of a serial killer is that they are typically sociopaths. Which means they have an anti-social personality, could care less about other people, are not personally bound by rules or laws, and obtain personal pleasure from committing the murder. By applying typologies to serial killers law enforcement can narrow the search for potential suspects. The three typologies for serial killers are: thrill-motivated, mission-oriented, or expedience-directed. Thrill-oriented killers are either a dominance killer, or sexual sadist. Mission-oriented are people who want to rid the world of evil, are psychotic, and hear voices that command them to kill. Expedience-directed killers murder to make money, or cover up a crime they committed. FBI profiling also distinguishes between organized and disorganized social killers; because social killers are more intelligent, have social skills, and function in life better than disorganized killers.

All of these typologies aid investigators in tracking down killers as quickly as possible. Serial killers can be tough to identify because they are cautious, are able to act beyond suspicion, and use skill to kill. One thing I found interesting is that serial killers usually kill without firearms. Once the particular typography that may apply to the person is identified by investigators in combination with sociological examination a suspect list can be generated. Specific demographic information regarding the location of the crimes, and population information can help investigators in determining suspects through sociological examination in conjunction with knowing the typologies (Schmalleger, 2012).Schmalleger, F. (2012).Criminology today: An integrative introduction.(6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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