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CJA 314 Week 4Discussion Question 1

Is workplace violence a reflection of the individual who committed the violence or  society in general? Why?

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Workplace violence is a reflection of society in general. Over 80% of work place violence involves criminals that have no relationship to_ the business other than he or she is committing a crime impacting the business through robbery, or theft. Unfortunately because robbery usually involves a firearm, workers are often injured, or killed. There are government guidelines for design of businesses to_ protect workers from violence including bullet resistant glass, security enhances building designs, and increased worker training. Workplace violence that is committed by current or former employee against coworkers, supervisors, or managers is what is typically thought of as workplace violence. Usually this crime is undertaken by disgruntled current or former employees against people that they perceive have caused them problems, cost them money, and or who they blame for the loss of a job. In this case there is much greater chance that warning signs about the particular individual are usually noticed before the actual event (Schmalleger, 2012).Where I work when an employee is terminated the employee’s access to_ the facility is removed, badge deactivated, and the employee is escorted out of the facility by armed security. His or her office is packed up by others and sent to_ them. Most people except their fate, and move on to_ the next job, however there are a small amount that will plot and plan for revenge to_ do bodily harm to_ those that terminated them.

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