CJA 374 Week 1 DQ 1 principal components

What are some major differences between the juvenile courts and the criminal courts? What are some principal components of the juvenile justice system? Why do some refer to this as a process rather than a system?

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Criminal justice systems for adults and juveniles differ in may ways. These differences vary between state but in general the following differences apply. When a juvenile appears in court they are not prosecuted for committing crimes, rather for committing delinquent acts. When a delinquent acts is very serious, they may be considered crimes and juveniles will then be tried in adult court under the law of the adult system. Juveniles are also not awarded the right to  a public trial by a jury of their peers.

If a juvenile is charged with committing a crime, the trial portion of the case is handled by a judge hearing evidence and deciding the ruling on whether or not the minor is delinquent. This is referred to as an adjudication hearing. If the minor has been deemed delinquent by the judge, the court will determine what action is best taken. This stage differs from the adult system in the purpose of the action. In adult system, the goal is to

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