CJA 374 Week 2 DQ 1 discretion

Officers have a large amount of discretion when making arrests in adult cases. What is situation-based police discretion? What are the four different discretionary actions police officers may take in relation to juveniles they encounter?

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1Law enforcement officers must use their discretion when dealing with both adult and juvenile offenders. However, many officers are likely to be more lenient with juveniles. Interactions between law enforcement officers and juveniles usually takes place on the streets while officers are conducting patrols. For this reason, much of what takes place during officer-juvenile interactions is based on situationally based discretion. Situationally based discretion can be described as officers making the decisions that he or she feels the situation warrants. For example, an officer who observes a group of teens out past curfew, he or she may stop the juveniles to ask why they are out so late and where they are headed. If the minors have a good reason to be out past curfew and comply with any requests by the officer,

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