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CJA 374 Week 3 DQ 1 types of crimes

What are stipulations for detention of a juvenile prior to any formal action to adjudicate? What are types of crimes associated with this? What are the benefits of detaining the juvenile?

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Securing a juvenile prior to any formal action to adjudicate permits enforcement the advantage of multiple benefits. Primarily, juveniles can be prevented by law enforcement in additionally partaking in delinquent conduct or criminal actions that may invite or create harm upon the juvenile or society which lessens additional victimization. Also, law enforcement possess the ability of putting together date information regarding the juvenile, which can include fingerprint, taking pictures, possible criminal acts committed, the juveniles age, height, weight, gender, and residence, and if the juvenile has been registered as a runaway (University of Phoenix, 2010 – resource.).Law enforcement can further act upon the type of crimes for such which then decipher whether the juvenile is under the influence of any illegal matter ( including alcohol), of requires medical attention. Law enforcement uses this information to get in touch with specialists how relates to these juveniles on a professional level, and deal with them

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