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CJA 374 Week 3 DQ 4 court process

How might parents with good intentions have a negative affect on the juvenile court process and the dispositional outcome for the juvenile?

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One parents good intentions could disrupt what the juvenile process is doing is by trying to protect their child. What I mean is by trying to step in a prevent their child from getting into trouble by promising to take care of things at home. If the child sees that their parents are going to bail them out of trouble them they will not learn and repeat the offense. Their view is, mom and dad will just get me out of it. They do not learn responsibility and how to be held accountable for their actions. When they grow up and do not have the protection of mom and dad, then they will have a more ruder wake up call. I for one do not want to see my child get into trouble, but if it for their own good then I will just have to bite the bullet and let them learn

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