CJA 374 Week 4 DQ 1 secure confinement

How can positive change be measured while a juvenile is in secure confinement? How can you ensure these behaviors transition from detention to the community? Explain.

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Positive change can be measured when a juvenile is in a secure confinement. The change will have to be measured in the attitude of the child, the behavior, and the wiliness to follow the rules and get along with others (peers and adults). If the child is doing all these then it means that they are learning to accept things and learning to change their ways to help meet the needs of others and not just themselves. Learning this behavior is important when living in this society. To help transition this behavior, the parent(s) or guardian will need to stay on top of the child. This means gives them rule and boundaries and expect the same behavior that was expected in confinement. This will help the child understand that they have to behave at home and not

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