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CJA 374 week 5 Future of the Juvenile

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The future of the juvenile system in today’s economic environment has put a magnifying glass on all things government. In this discussion, it will be recommendations for the future of the juvenile system as a whole. The included parts will be on the community, courts, juvenile corrections, law enforcement, privatization, and the justification for the juvenile system. Community and Courts The purpose of the community and court systems is to provide all governments, communities, organizations, and advocates all areas of the Juvenile System along with the requirements for the system.

Having this system in place is to improve the justice system for all juveniles who commit crimes with discipline and structure. We have so many people of all cultures and aspects of life which commit crimes on a daily basis. Crimes are being committed for many reasons, it could be to support someone’s family, a person who has a drug problem where someone would do anything to support their habit, lost of job, lack of education, low self-esteem, or either the person may feel worthless. There could be different reasons why a person commits a crime but that does not give anyone a good reason to break the law and hurt someone in the process. Some recommendations which I would see may help throughout the justice system would be everyone who has something to do with the assessment involving the court system should have some type of training.

Have all systematically detention centers or confinement facilities monitor always, having more funding to help place more educational programs for juveniles, so when they are released they should be able to get jobs to help them get back on the feet, or either given a second chance and not still punished them because of their past experiences with the court system. Try funding more programs for repeat offenders so that they can get a fresh start in life besides going back to commit crimes life before. Having more community based programs for women or men who were victimized against crime (Champion, 2007). Juvenile Corrections According to Thomas (2001), the recommendations of national policies concerning the use of seclusion and restraint on our youths in correctional facilities should be established. Indications

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