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CJA 384 Week 3 DQ 3 drug syndicate

What is an example of a drug syndicate? Which events led to the association of organized crime, Prohibition, and drug syndicates? What changes would you have made to prevent this? Explain your answer

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A drug syndicate is an organized crime group that oversees and controls the importation, exportation, trade, distribution and sales of all types of drugs, often a largescale operation covering a large geographic area. An example of an early drug syndicate was one headed by W.W. Whaley, who perportedly controlled the flow of opium throughout the Pacific Ocean routes during the late 1800s. An example of a more modern drug syndicate is the Chinese Triads, who control a large amount of production and importation of such drugs as heroin. The “Temperance Movement” (started in large part by the American Temperance Society) was one event that led to prohibition. American society in the 1820s, had begun to take a dim view of alcohol and the effects of over indulgence thereof. This continued

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