Will community corrections reduce recidivism? Why or why not?

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The community corrections is without a doubt the place to start if we ever want to successfully create positive change within the rehabilitation of offenders. Not only do many probation and parole officers accommodate people who are placed under supervision before incarceration, but they also cope with people who have recently been released from prison under parole status

The following is a summary list of principles of effectiveness from various community corrections programs (Bottcher & Ezell, 2005; Deschenes, Turner, & Petersilia, 1995; Fischer, 2003; Padgett, Bales, &Blomberg, 2006; Wilson et al., 2005):“Offenders who are in day reporting centers, boot camps, and halfway houses have more complex problems and a higher risk of recidivism than typical probationers. As a result, offenders in residential facilities are more likely to receive a wider variety of treatment and counseling services than are offenders on traditional probation or parole.

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