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Regardless of the philosophical approach one embraces with regard to the criminal justice system (due process vs. crime control, consensus or conflict model, or individual rights vs. public order), the police, courts, and correctional components must operate within a multicultural society; a society that embraces lifestyle diversity.Beginning with the material conveyed in the assigned reading and presentation, discuss how multiculturalism and diversity impact the application of those philosophical approaches by the criminal justice groups (police, courts, and correctional) charged with achieving justice. Expand upon the provided material with scholarly research to support your position. Finally, integrate within your discussion the impact of a Judeo-Christian viewpoint on the implementation of criminal justice to today’s society.

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Multiculturalism and diversity impact the approaches of the criminal justice groups in achieving justice such as: the police, courts, and corrections. There are several ways these are prevalent in criminal justice more than the knowledge may be needed in the other areas of society. One example would be race, it is important to know the different statistics within the criminal justice system in relation to race. Caucasian males have a 6 percent chance of serving time in prison, while African American males have a 32 percent chance of serving time in prison. Social Awareness is important for two reasons. First, distinction on whether or not a group has been “alienated from a system because of disparities, that group’s distrust with the system will grow” (Weedmark, 2016). Second, “awareness of social differences is necessary to ensure a harmonious environment in the workforce of the social justice system” (Weedmark, 2016). According to the American Bar Association, communities of color are linked to the distrust of the government, this including the courts and police.

Next to discuss three different areas involved and important with diversity: career training, education, and police recruitment. Diversity and career training could be when different communities that have prevalent minority cultures depending on those minority cultures. Police have to be trained with multiculturism in mind because it could cause a miscommunication in the field if they are not properly trained. Different gestures may be rude or insulting to different cultures and it is important not to offend anyone even though it may be accidental (Weedmark, 2016). There is a push for more diversity in the criminal justice system. For example, Yale Law School offers 50 different scholarships for students with different cultural backgrounds. Next, diversity and police recruitment, this involves attempting to make the police force representative of the populations within the community. Police departments are also attempting to recruit people of different

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