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CJUS 535 DB 2 crime analysis

There have been a variety of models that have been applied to crime analysis over the years. Please review the information presented in this week’s readings and discuss the various models presented in the textbook. Which of the models do you feel is the most useful/efficient for a modern law enforcement agency? Please explain and ensure that you utilize scholarly research to support your position. Finally, apply a Biblical worldview or perspective to the model that you feel is the most appropriate.

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Law enforcement is a very fluid and dynamic field as society continually evolves. Law enforcement is tasked with ensuring the community is safe; therefore, they must adapt to new technology, diverse communities, and advancements in criminal activities. In order to remain effective and keep communities safe, law enforcement agencies must utilize strategies and tools that will best work for the communities they serve. Crime analysis is a crucial part of any law enforcement agency and throughout history, agencies have used various models when conducting crime analysis. These models include the intelligence cycle, the Scan, Analyze, Respond, and Assess (SARA) model, the National Intelligence Model (NIM) business model, and the 3-Imodel (Ratcliffe, 2016).

The intelligence cycle model is based as a component of intelligence-led policing. The cycle incorporates the following phases (Malone, 2015):

1.Planning and Identifying information needs requirements





During the planning phase, information needs are identified. From there, law enforcement personnel can develop a list of requirements for personnel to begin collecting. Officers and personnel cannot efficiently collect information without identifying information needs. During the collection phase, intelligence and law enforcement personnel utilize various tools and sources to collect information. Tools and sources include human sources, open sources, imagery intelligence, and signals intelligence (Malone, 2015). Human sources include covert

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