CJUS702 – Test 3 decision making

What is important to consider when using a data-driven approach to decision making? PG 459.

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In the juvenile justice system, there is a guide to how that assessment and planning should be done, and the strategies that are used. There are key decision points like law enforcement referrals or arrests, court intake and petition filing, juvenile hearings, and detention admission, and other services provided by other agencies with coordinated treatment and services. There are challenges that the agencies face that do help juveniles. These can be technical and logistical issues and a lack of resources. These are an issue that programs tend to have because the funding for programs is low and there is not enough out there to help. Data is collected and entered a system in most juvenile jurisdictions however the reports do not get used to help guide policy decisions. The data also fails to recognize the inter-agency data that is hare with one another to help promote juvenile justice reform.

The purpose of the following data is to help keep the capacity of juvenile detention centers have increased in numbers and the data is showing the numbers will continue to grow if something is not done. There are five objectives to helping reform the juvenile justice system to help lower the “number of youth offenders that are unnecessary and inappropriately detained”(Sherman & Jacobs p.458). “To help reduce the numbers of youth who fail to appear in court when scheduled along with reoffending” (Sherman & Jacobs p.458). “To redirect funds toward other effective juvenile justice processes and public safety strategies” (Sherman & Jacobsp.458). ‘To help reduce the disproportionate minority confinement and contact of the juvenile justice system” (Sherman & Jacobs p.458). Lastly, “improve the conditions in secure detention facilities” (Sherman & Jacobs 458). There must be a foundation built to help with the reform of the criminal justice system. Data can help with that showing where the growing numbers are and what the biggest need is for juveniles.

There are challenges to using the data approach in decision making. Juvenile Justice agencies use data to guide their assessment and planning to follow actions and strategies with decisions. There is an issue that is faced like technical, logistical issues, and lack of resources.  Most juvenile justice judications put their data into the computer and prepare reports and numbers that way. Data is regularly attained to help keep policies and officials informed. Due to the issue of not keeping data, there can be issues in data collection efforts, and breakdowns in communication. There are still delays in the system, these lead to lengthy delays but also difficulties in the development and implementation of new systems. Until systems can be improved it is a work-around approach (Sherman & Jacobs p. 460). There are various methods like spreadsheets or other databases that are used. “The data that is entered into a spreadsheet can

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