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cmit 321 discussion 1

Discuss the role of security and penetration testers by defining concepts such as hacker, cracker, ethical hacker, and script kiddies. Include in your discussion the classifications of ethical hackers, and do you think that hacking can be an ethical occupation?

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According to our reading penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of an information system or network by simulation an attack to find out vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. (Council 2015) Penetration testers role is to demonstrate if the vulnerabilities in system can be successfully exploited by attackers. Hence, hacker, cracker, ethical hacker, and script kiddies, may be all roles used to test vulnerabilities to a security system. Ethical hackers are classified as, white hat, grey hat, black hat, and script kiddies. A white hat ethical hacker / cracker is somebody who has non-malevolent purpose at whatever point he breaks into security frameworks and so forth. A grey hat hacker / cracker, otherwise called a wafer, is the kind of programmer that has vindictive purpose at whatever point he goes about breaking into PC security frameworks with the utilization of innovation, for example, a system, telephone framework, or PC and without

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