CMIT 321 Week 1 Discussion A

Discuss the role of security and penetration testers by defining concepts such as hacker, cracker, ethical hacker, and script kiddies. Include in your discussion the classifications of ethical hackers and do you think that hacking can be an ethical occupation?

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Security and penetration testers attempt to predict and mimic the methods and actions taken by hackers to gain access to a network or system. According to Seigfried-Spellar Treadway, “Originally, the term “hacker” was a badge of honor bestowed upon those who had the intelligence and skills to implement shortcuts, or “hacks,” within slow-moving computer programs, but over the years, this term has taken on a negative connotation.”(2014, p 782) Now, there are some differences between security and penetration testers and hackers. Some hackers are crackers which is a group that has malicious intent behind their actions, for example to steal data or takedown networks. Security and penetration testers on the other hand use their knowledge and skills

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