CMIT 321 Week 2 Discussions C

Discuss the risks associated with Penetration Testing and steps necessary to minimize the risk to both the tester and client.

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Penetration testing is a legal method to verify and actively test that the proper security tools and defenses are in place. In addition the test can highlight the weaknesses in a system and how a company or a user should hardened or add a layered defense. However improper procedures and documentation are risk for penetration testing and could create legal liabilities. One of the most common forms of penetration risk(s) is the impact of service. According to SANS a liability of outsourcing a penetration test is “the service provider impacts the availability of the target”(SANS, 2006).

Disrupting services can be anything from testing how susceptible a system is to a ddos attack, or testing using resource intensive services that can slow other servers or systems. The end result could end up costing the company million of dollars if not more. Another risk associated with penetration testing is “the service provider misses several vulnerabilities or weaknesses residing at the target” (SANS, 2006). A penetration tester has a lot of options and often a broad scope of things to test and he/she could miss and important vulnerability therefore leaving a company exposed to an attack focusing on that vulnerability. It is important that the

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