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CMIT 321 Week Six Discussion

Understand the Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Suggest necessary preventive measures for securing mobile phones against various attacks

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) is proceeding to advance since more representatives are utilizing their cell phone, PCs, and other cell phones that enable them to work from their office, home, or other remote areas. Permitting workers access with a “Present to Your Very own Device” (BYOD) strategy puts organizations in danger requiring new contemplations for security, connectivity, privacy, and management. This has expected organizations to take a gander at arrangements that safely enable workers to get to data from wherever they are at the time. Representatives have gadgets that kept running with an assortment of service providers alongside differing operating systems. In light of these troubles, MDM programming is ordinarily executed to screen, oversee, and secure representatives’ workstations, cell phones, tablets, and different gadgets are utilized in the work environment. MDM is regularly a top need for associations that enable representatives to work with their own gadgets at the work environment or inside remote areas. Companies are devising “holistic MDM strategies to help mitigate the risks of data security breaches” (“Enterprise Mobility,” 2013).MDM addresses the


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