CMIT 326 Cloud Technologies Wk3

When would you recommend the use of a VPC, and when would you recommend a public cloud?What factors did you consider in your recommendation?

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First, before we decide which is recommended between a virtual private cloud or public cloud, one must know what they are and the key differences between the two. Public cloud is a public, hyperscale, multi-tenant platform where computing services can be reserved or rented on demand. These resources are available globally over the internet and allow customers to provision and scale services instantly without purchasing dedicated infrastructure[ CITATION NTT19 \l 1033 ].

Think of the public cloud as an apartment complex; all tenants have their own designated space, but utilities are shared. Because of this sharing, one bad tenant compromising the apartment’s “gated entrance” can put all other tenants at risk[ CITATION DSM18 \l 1033 ]. A private cloud, in contrast, is a single tenant cloud environment that runs on dedicated infrastructure. This may reside on-premises, in a dedicated off-site data center or with a managed private cloud provider. Where public cloud is elastic and easily scalable, private cloud is

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