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CMIT 369 Week 2 Discussions Part 2

Describe a scenario in which you’d use Server Core, including a description of the services that you might install on the server, and the advantages and disadvantages of using Server Core.

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One situation where a Server Core installation would be helpful is for branch offices or remotes location. These offices often have fewer IT staff and less physical security than your head office location (Microsoft Why Is). Server Core can do domain joining, hostname changes, IP management, and Windows Updates from the CLI (Syrewicze 2013). Administrators can use PowerShell to give IT staff access to only the management features and commands needed for the job making is more secure than managing Windows Server using Remote Desktop or the Remote Server Administration Tools (Syrewicze 2013).Server Core can provide AD DS, AD LDS, DNS, DHCP, File Services, Print Services, Streaming Media Services, Web Server (IIS), and Hyper-V (Microsoft Install Server). It can run

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