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CMIT 369 Week 3-2 good practices

What are some good practices when deploying directory services?

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From early on, organizations have been able to utilize Active Directory to facilitate user and resource management and at the same time building a secure, scalable, and manageable network infrastructure(Microsoft, n.d.).A main good practice is to properly name the domain. Simplicity is key when initially deploying AD so that further expansion is also simple. Also, mimicking the physical topology of the network will aid in administration of the network as well. When it comes to the implementing domain controllers, it is important to have redundancy. If one DC were to fail, you would not want the entire directory to go down. Multiple DCs also aid in load balancing for the network. These domain controllers should also run on servers without other roles or features running on the same physical machine. High level infrastructure features such as DNS or DHCP could be

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