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CMIT 369 Week 6-2 address types

In your own words, briefly describe each of the address types mentioned in LabSim, and provide a scenario when each is useful for an organization. In particular, differentiate link-local, unique local and global addresses.

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Link-Local addresses are private addresses and not publicly routable. These addresses are compared to the IPv4 APIPA addresses that are automatically assigned to devices when there is a network error. This means that the device will have an IP address assigned but will be severely limited on its network functionality, if it has any at all. These addresses are used on a single link and cannot be routed. A link-local address scheme could be used by an organization as a point to point connection between sites. This connects two site son the same links and can add protection from being exposed to the public networks.

Unique Local

Unique local addresses are comparable to IPv4 private IP addresses. Unique local addresses are routable, but only privately within an organizational network.

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