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CMIT 369 Week 6 Discussion Part 1

Describe TCP and UDP, and how they differ. Why do both protocols exist?

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TCP and UDP are part of layer 4 of the 7 layer TCP/IP model. This layer, also known as the transport layer, details methods in which data is transferred between devices. In general, the two most common forms of transport protocols are TCP and UDP. From my experience, I have found that many people are led to believe that they are the only two transport layer protocols which can be used. This is not the case, however.
TCP is used as a reliable, connection based protocol of data transportation. It is used in cases where data is essential to operations and the loss of it would impact the quality of information received. This is most often used when transferring files which cannot operate without all packets. One of the most pronounced features of TCP is the ability to recover data if it is missed. If a receiving interface does not reply to the sender, TCP demands that the data is retransmit.

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