CMIT 369 Week 7 Discussion Part 2

Consider the types of systems that benefit from DHCP reservations and/or from having manually-configured (static) IP addresses, including servers, networked printers, and other networked devices (e.g., network-connected HVAC controllers, IP camera systems). One option is to configure DHCP reservations and allow the devices to use DHCP to consistently get the same address; another option is to configure static addresses on the devices themselves and leave the addresses out of any DHCP scopes (or just to reserve them in DHCP). For the scenarios mentioned above (e.g., servers, networked printers, other similar networked devices), would you recommend static configuration on the devices or DHCP reservations? Why? Are some types of devices better suited to DHCP than others?

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Since decent amount of manual intervention is needed while assigning static IP address to the computers, administrators mostly do so in small networks, where the maximum computers do not exceed 15-20 in numbers. When a computer in a network is configured to obtain the IP address automatically from the DHCP server that is present in the network, and the DHCP server successfully assigns the address to the client computer, the automatically assigned address is called dynamic IP address. Unlike static IP address, the dynamic IP address keeps changing automatically as per the availability of the IP addresses in the DHCP address pool. Administrators deploy the DHCP servers in the networks and configure the client computers to get dynamic IP addresses from the deployed DHCP servers when the networks have large number of computers, say 21-50 or more, and it becomes practically unfeasible to assign the IP address to each computer individually.
Ultimately there is no difference between a static IP address and a DHCP allocated IP address that doesn’t change. The results are the same, you connect to the IP address and the same device is there each and every time. This is essential for servers, switches, routers, printers and more. In many cases setting the device to use a static IP address is suitable and possibly even best practice. However, if you have a large number of devices that require non-changing IP addresses you can also set your DHCP server to always give out the same IP address each time the device turns on or refreshes its IP address. Simply open your DHCP management interface and navigate to your Scope and then Reservations. From here you can create new reservations and all you will need is the MAC address from the printer. A couple of seconds later you should be able to communicate with the printer on the new IP address. The benefits of this are quite easy to see, imagine if you had to send a printer to a remote


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