CMIT 370 Week 3 Discussion

One of the most important concepts is all of networking is NAT. What is NAT? How does it affect web log files? What are some ways that you can view your public IP Address? Discuss the IP Addresses that are not routable. Describe the LAN and WAN addresses on your system, using tools like ipconfig and .

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Network Address Translation allows a single devices (firewall or router), to translate private IP addresses on a Private network into public address on a Public network. With NAT, a single unique public IP address is required to represent a group of computers with private IP address that are not routable or cannot communicate by themselves on an external network. Some of these private address range from – 10 .255.255.255 (class A); B), and (class C) (what is my IP address, n.d.)NAT affect web logs because when it get web request from a workstation on a private network for example (Workstation to Firewall

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