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CMIT321 Week 3 Discussions B

In your own words why do you think session hijacking is still a valid attack? What makes session hijacking possible and what technical control or controls would you put in place to prevent session hijacking from being successful? What would you implement to stop session hijacking?

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Session hijacking is a viable attack for attackers who would like to invade a system or application that is protected by a username and password. According to Darril Gibson, session hijacking is when “the attacker learns the session ID and uses it to impersonate the user” (Gibson2016). In order for this attack to work the attacker must know the users session cookie and then use that cookie to impersonate the user on the website. An attacker can obtain the cookie by using other attacks or vulnerabilities in a web browser or transport service vulnerability. The attack is still valid due to the idea if done correctly the attacker can have full access to the account or session the victim was using. These applications could be banking sites, company applications, shopping sites, and any other sites that require or use valuable information. According to Mike Chapple a simple way to protect against these attacks is “provide a VPN to your users when they are away from the office” (Chapple 2010). This simple measure provided a private connection to any application a user is trying to reach. A vpn is a virtual

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