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CMIT321 Week 3 Discussions E

Web server attacks are some of the most public and horrific attacks that a company can face in todays connected web. Research and describe a recent company that has fallen victim to a web server attack. Describe how the attacker gained access, what the attacker gained from the attack and the resulting aftermath of the attack.

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Online transactions has made most companies and businesses very vulnerable to web server attacks. In April 2015, Tesla motors became a victim of such an attack. The American automotive company’s website and official twitter accounts were hijacked by a group of hackers called the Autism Squad”. The attackers gained access to the web server through “social engineering” and through a DNS hijack attack defaced both the company’s official website and Twitter account. Posing as a Tesla employee, a hacker called AT&T customer service help desk and requested all phone calls to the company be forwarded to a new fake phone number. With all the phone calls

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