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CMRJ 306 FINAL Q1 items offenders

Discuss the three items offenders apparently tend to pay attention to when evaluating a potential burglary target. Also, discuss findings pertaining to burglary offender’s gender, age, and motivation, per (Santtila, Ritvanen, & Mokros,2004).

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Understanding criminal behavior is crucial in criminology. This helps seek answers to questions like: How does an offender choose their victims? or in cases of burglary, how does an offender pick the place where he will commit the act of burglary? Santtila, Ritvanen, and Mokros (2004) give us a little insight of studying burglary targets andtheir burglars. Santtila et al. (2004) explain that when it comes to burglaries, most of them are planned therefore indicating most burglars are to an extent, rational when committing the crime, that only rarely is a burglary considered an opportunistic and unplanned act. Therefore, when understanding how burglars evaluate their target, three different “clues” stand out, (1)

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